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About the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation

The Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) was founded in January 2019 by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), the world governing body for the sport of gymnastics with 162 member national federations. It now operates independently to ensure that violations of FIG rules, policies, and procedures, including ethical breaches, are handled in an unbiased way. 

The GEF focuses on: 

  • Safeguarding: Protecting athletes and other participants in gymnastics from harassment and abuse.  

  • Disciplinary: Carrying out disciplinary proceedings in accordance with FIG policies and procedures. 

  • Compliance: Monitoring good governance and ethical principles of the FIG and its members.

Emphasizing professionalism and confidentiality, the GEF carries out its functions based on its strategic framework Gymnasts 2028 and in accordance with the GEF Operational Rules, FIG Code of Ethics, FIG Code of Conduct, and IOC Code of Ethics. It seeks to build trust and add value to all members of the gymnastics community by offering more accountability and support. 

Funding for the GEF comes from an endowment of 2 million CHF set up by the FIG at its founding, in addition to grants, donations, gifts, and subscriptions.




Gymnasts 2028 – the Foundation’s strategic framework 

Gymnasts 2028 is aimed at making the sport of gymnastics safe, thriving and impactful for all. The strategic framework takes a human-centric approach, placing gymnasts and the people that support and serve gymnastics at the heart of its work. It has been designed to engage all key stakeholders inside and outside the institutional gymnastics system.  


Learn more details about Gymnasts 2028 here.


The timeframe of Gymnasts 2028 structures the Foundation’s work and allows for impactful action leading up to the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 editions of the Olympic Games. Both Games are regarded as critical benchmark moments for the sport of gymnastics specifically, and for wider issues concerning ethics, integrity and safety in global sport more generally. 


Drawing lessons from the Foundation’s first four years of operations, Gymnasts 2028 outlines urgent challenges and trends in gymnastics and describes how the Foundation seeks to address them through five strategic priority areas.



The GEF’s strategic framework is based on a values-based architecture that aims to build trust, attain legitimacy, uphold justice, nurture innovation and to be evolutionary. It is the bedrock to achieving the Foundation’s vision.   

Gymnasts 2028 is impact-driven and adheres to the Foundation’s theory of change. This theory seeks to prevent harm, enforce ethical standards of behaviour through adjudication and disciplinary mechanisms, develop and grow the capacity of the ecosystem to be both compliant with such standards and engage with one another in order to innovate and generate value. It’s about perpetuating a culture of respect and success for all. 

Gymnasts 2028 has been designed to engage all key stakeholders inside and outside the institutional gymnastics system, as illustrated below. At the center of the diagram are gymnasts from the eight disciplines and the people that serve, protect and support them.

(inspired by the Centre for Sport and Human Rights Global Sports Ecosystem Diagram)

(inspired by the Centre for Sport and Human Rights Global Sports Ecosystem Diagram)

Meet the Team


Alexander McLin


  • Attorney at Law 

  • Executive Director, ASA

  • Former CEO & Secretary General, FEI

  • Member, Court of Arbitration for Sport

  • Member, ASOIF Governance Task Force 

Martina Coxova Gymnastics Ethics Foundat


Safeguarding & Operations

  • Experienced lawyer and project coordinator with a particular interest in ethics and governance


Micheline Calmy-Rey


  • Former President, Federal Councillor, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation

Slava Corn


  • Honorary Vice President, FIG

Feisal Al-Hussein


  • President, Jordanian Olympic Committee

  • Member, IOC Executive Board

Jean Pierre Morand


  • Attorney at Law

  • Partner, Kellerhals Carrard


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