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The Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF)’s Safeguarding Section confidentially receives any reports concerning non-accidental violence, harassment, and/or abuse, as defined in the FIG Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding and Protecting Participants in Gymnastics

To report an issue or receive guidance and support, please see: 


The GEF performs an initial analysis of all complaints and determines if there has been a breach of FIG rules, policies, and procedures. 

If an investigation is required, the GEF will determine the appropriate process and which relevant individuals should be involved. When necessary, the GEF will work with external experts to handle the issue under review, ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest. If the issue violates criminal or civil laws, the GEF will determine the appropriate jurisdiction(s) in which to take action and inform the relevant authorities.

Gymnastics Ethics Foundation's Safeguarding illustration
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