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Disciplinary Commission

The functions of the Disciplinary Commission are mainly to:

  • Request statements from the parties or independent experts

  • Conduct hearings

  • Investigate and make decisions in disciplinary cases under its authority

  • Impose disciplinary sanctions


  • Victor Berezov 

  • Laurence Burger

  • Michael Cook

  • Thomas Hayn 

  • Mirjam Koller Trunz

  • Maximilien Lehnen 

  • Dominique Maillot

  • Daniele Moro

  • Melanie Schärer

  • Matthias Scherer

  • Dorothée Schramm

  • Fayçal Zemni

As of 1 January 2021, all members of the Disciplinary Commission are appointed by the GEF Council. The period until 31 December 2020 was a transitionary period during which the Disciplinary Commission was comprised of members who were either previously elected or appointed by the FIG Congress and the Executive Committee, respectively. 

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