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Jean-Pierre Morand appointed to Council of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation

During its meeting on 17 March, the Council of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) appointed Jean-Pierre Morand as a new Council member, who will assume the role of treasurer. He succeeds late François Carrard, who passed away in early January.

Jean-Pierre Morand is an Attorney at Law, a Partner at Kellerhals Carrard Law Firm, and specialised in corporate and sports law. Upon his appointment he said:

“I am proud and honoured to have been chosen as member of the board of a foundation which defends integrity in sport and values which I have always tried to observe and preserve. I am particularly moved to be succeeding my mentor, partner and friend, François Carrard.”

During the meeting, the Council members of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation paid tribute to François Carrard and his outstanding achievements. GEF President Micheline Calmy-Rey highlighted Mr Carrard’s important contribution to the Foundation’s cause.

Appointment of a new member of the GEF Appeal Tribunal

The Council also appointed Valérie Horyna as a member of the GEF Appeal Tribunal. The experienced sports lawyer, who has already worked for a number of major international sport federations, said:

“I’m thrilled and honoured to have been appointed as a member of the Appeal Tribunal at a time of cultural change in the sport of gymnastics. I will do my best to provide my full expertise to the GEF’s Appeal Tribunal for the well-being of the athletes to ensure that any concerns and reports are addressed and assessed fairly and efficiently. The GEF continues to build trust for all members of the gymnastics community through greater accountability and support, enabling this positive cultural shift.”


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