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ABC News Radio Interview on Independent Review into Gymnastics in Australia

The latest edition of the podcast series ‘The Ticket’, published on 8 May, looks at the findings of The Australian Human Rights Commission’s report “Change the Routine: Report on the Independent Review into Gymnastics in Australia (2021)” and also features an interview with Alex McLin, Director of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF). Gymnastics Australia commissioned the independent review in August 2020 in response to reports from the gymnastics community of unacceptable personal experiences. Last week, the Commission published the full report which resulted in five overarching key findings and 12 recommendations.

During the interview, Alex McLin talks about the comprehensive report, the importance of independent investigations, the culture in gymnastics and why positive change cannot happen quickly enough given the issues at stake, but will take time due to the systemic nature of the problem. Click here to listen to the full interview (starting at 50:00).

The sports panel ‘The Ticket’, aired weekly on ABC News Radio in Australia and presented by Tracey Holmes, looks at sports governance and its wider implications.


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