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Interview with Micheline Calmy-Rey in World of Gymnastics Magazine

In the latest edition of the World of Gymnastics Magazine published this week, Micheline Calmy-Rey, President of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation, reiterates the importance of a confidential reporting mechanism for athletes, reflects on the Foundation’s achievements to date and shares its plans for the future. She also highlights that abuse in gymnastics is not an issue specific to one country or region, but which appears to be a broader cultural problem within the sport. It is important that athletes can share their stories as it will raise awareness and help initiate positive change. Her key message is: “Everyone, at each level of the sport, has a role to play in protecting athletes and we are here to listen and support them.”

National Federations and the athletes are clearly the targeted audience of this issue and the World of Gymnastics Magazine provides yet another opportunity to spread the word about the Foundation’s mission and activities.


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